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Solar energy and storage company announces new name

IMPower Pty Ltd is proud to announce a name change as the company was formerly known as All Power Systems.  The name change is effective from the 3rd of February 2020. The name change came as a result of a name clash with a South African based firm that had a very similar name and offered similar solutions. 

Founded in 2014, IMPower Pty Ltd is a leading engineering, procurement and project management contractor (EPCM) operating in the solar and energy storage industry.  The company is focusing more on providing Solar Rooftop/Ground Mount Solutions (Grid-Tied), Micro-Grid/Storage Solutions, Energy Management & Reporting as well as Project Development & Financing

The Chief Executive Officer of IMPower Pty Ltd, Jay Naidoo, explained that there had been some confusion in the market place that made it necessary to change the name as quickly as possible. 

“As mentioned above, we will continue with our services, with our primary focus on providing Commercial and Industrial (C&I) clients with tailored, expert energy solutions,” said Naidoo.

“Our engineered solutions incorporate not only world-leading products and engineering methodologies but also our set of value-based principles, integrity, honesty and respect, ensuring that your system is built to last and matches your expectations”, he continued.

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