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Solar installers up their game at Menlo Day      

Training webinars are a great opportunity for solar installers to acquire new skills, improve their overall efficiency and stay current with trends which is important in this industry, where technology is evolving rapidly.

Companies in the solar sphere have begun hosting these webinars to keep customers up to date with the latest products they are manufacturing/stocking and to share any industry knowledge they have gathered, furthering the growth of the industry. As an added benefit these sessions are often free meaning that anyone with a keen interest in solar technology can join.

The benefits of webinars

Webinars offer the latest information, industry updates and best practices. Some of them educate viewers about specific skills and techniques related to solar installation. These sessions provide in-depth insights into new products and technologies, including features, installation procedures and maintenance requirements, helping installers make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve. They can gain early insights into innovations, allowing them to adapt and integrate new technologies into their practices.

Most webinars count towards continual professional development (CPD) for attendees and are great CV boosters if you find yourself looking for your next opportunity. Some webinars will also send certificates to acknowledge this.

Even though these sessions are virtual, they offer great networking opportunities. Most webinars are recorded so that busy installers can access the content at a time that suits them.


Menlo Electric is an example of a company that has leaned into hosting webinars. Menlo’s upcoming webinar will provide insights from leaders like Jinko, FoxESS, Sungrow and Deye and a chance to enhance your installation skills with the latest solar technology trends and industry practices. This free event is happening on 13 February 2024 at 11:00 SAST. You still have time to register to attend.

So, there you have it, webinars are just as effective as in-person training for gaining knowledge and hitting your professional development goals.