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A global study conducted by Corona reveals that South Africans spend a lot more time outdoors among countries surveyed and join Brazil in catching several sunsets per week.

A recent Global Nature Survey has revealed that South Africans spend more time in nature than other countries surveyed – including the UK, Canada, Brazil, and China – and, along with Brazil, enjoy their sunset moments more than most. It indicates that South Africans have significantly increased their outdoor activities over the past year.

The survey, conducted by Corona beer, aimed to delve into the factors that drive individuals in different countries to spend more time outdoors. Globally, 92% of people say that spending time outdoors is a priority with 64% saying sunsets are important & seek them out. The top three benefits of being in nature, according to respondents, include calmness, relaxation, and connection.

The Global Nature Survey has been unveiled prior to the Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour to take place at The Glen Country Club, Clifton, Cape Town, on April 6. This transformative, global music-lifestyle event is renowned for encouraging festivalgoers to embrace nature, revel in the beauty of the sunset, and reconnect with friends and their inner selves through the universal language of music, dance, and shared experiences.

Informed by insights from the Corona Global Nature survey, Corona has introduced Corona Sunsets Unwind, set to take place the day after the festival, at The Lawns in Camps Bay on Sunday, April 7th.

Nestled between majestic mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, Corona Sunsets Unwind offers a comprehensive, day-long program designed to reconnect guests with their essential nature and rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit. Activities include a nature walk, meditation, guided breath work, yoga, a sound journey, cold plunge, farm-to-fork brunch, silent disco, and sunset closing ceremony.

“As a brand that firmly believes in the transformative power of nature, it’s inspiring to witness the increased outdoor engagement among South Africans. Building on the magic of the Sunsets Festival, Corona Sunsets Unwind will be a distinctive addition, offering guests a profound opportunity to fully immerse themselves in nature, detach from external distractions, and reconnect with their inner selves,”says Melanie Nicholson, Corona Head of Brand.

Corona Sunsets Unwind tickets are limited and only qualify for Sunday, 7 April at The Lawns in Camps Bay. All event & ticketing information for the Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour and Corona Sunsets Unwind is available on


(incl. full Global Nature Survey results)