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More than 45 years of experience underpin SRK Consulting’s contribution to sustainable engineering across a range of sectors – equipping the company to develop and apply integrated, long-term solutions that respect future generations.

Our depth of expertise in all aspects of environmental, social and governance (ESG) is rooted in recognised principles of integrated environmental management and public participation.

SRK Consulting works across various sectors, providing clients with strategic insight and in-depth technical studies that highlight risks and opportunities across the project life cycle. Our independent, global network of experienced engineers and scientists work in multi-disciplinary teams – which generate innovative methods and technologies related to the environment, mining, infrastructure, water and energy.

The company’s footprint includes over 45 SRK offices across six continents, which harness the expertise of over 1,500 specialists in their fields. The independence of the group and our services is enhanced by its policy of taking no equity in the projects in which we are engaged. Our range of services can be categorised into four main areas:  strategy and advice; design, engineering, resource management and monitoring; studies and audits; and compliance and authorisations.

ESG solutions

SRK’s environmental team has wide experience in all aspects of environmental and social management, ranging from environmental assessment to the social and institutional aspects of environmental management systems planning. Underpinning our services is a detailed and current knowledge of assessment processes, management practices and related legislation.

We assist clients with a wide range of services, including environmental reporting, governance and sustainability reviews – as well as environmental and social management planning, biodiversity management and resettlement. We also provide environmental and social impact studies, gap analysis and screening, compliance audits, sustainability audits, environmental and social authorisations, mining licence permitting and emissions licencing. Our fields of expertise include environmental and social impact, stakeholder relationship management, biodiversity, climate change, air quality and rural development.

Mining solutions

Well-known in the mining sector since our formation in 1974, SRK’s team offers a complete mining consultancy service including exploration planning, integrated feasibility studies, economic evaluations and detailed mine design. Our expertise includes exploration services, geotechnical and geological risk, resource modelling and estimation, mine and infrastructure design, mine planning and scheduling, tailings and mine waste management, rehabilitation and mine closure.

Water solutions

Our multi-disciplinary team offers a range of water and waste solutions related to areas such as groundwater (including vulnerability), waste site monitoring, contaminant plume modelling, surface water (including specialist investigations, stormwater management, river basin projects, water resource development, flood studies), water quality and water management policies and practice. We also offer services in waste disposal operations and pollution control measures for the management of waste disposal operations, instrumentation installation and monitoring.

Infrastructure solutions

SRK’s infrastructure and civil engineering team has the expertise and experience to provide a wide range of services including project management, design, drawing, contract documentation, administration and site inspection for the provision of civil and structural infrastructure.

Energy solutions

We offer a range of services to energy-related projects from power stations to wind farms. Among these are environmental risk assessments, due diligence audits and reviews, authorisation and permitting, engineering studies and foundation design, and regulatory and governance compliance.


Our clients include a range of private and public sector organisations, including: banks and financial institutions; national and provincial governments, as well as municipalities and metropolitan councils; non-governmental organisations (NGOs); major mining companies; and industrial players in energy, aviation, petrochemical and other sectors.


Among the awards and rankings which have recently recognised the work of SRK Consulting was a listing in South Africa’s Top 500 Companies Awards – where we were one of the top five consulting engineering (mining and infrastructure) firms. We have also recently been chosen as Consultant of the Year by Mining Journal magazine.

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