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State-of-the-art Parkland Residence in Midrand, Johannesburg, Steyn City, has enhanced its sustainability efforts by collaborating with one of South Africa’s largest recycling companies, Mpact Recycling.

A progressive partnership launched between the 2 000 acre residential estate and the recycling giant sees the roll out of an innovative sustainability initiative through Mpact Recycling’s Residential Estates Recycling Programme. The project aims to make a measurable contribution to reducing waste and helping lower the carbon footprint of residents.

“An estate of this size needs to be sustainable and the developers have been keen to create an environmentally friendly location,” said Richard Mitchell, Head of the Steyn City Management Association. “Through our involvement in Mpact Recycling’s Residential Estates Recycling Programme,  we are raising community awareness and making a meaningful impact on environmental conservation,” Mitchell explains.

The Mpact Recycling’s programme allows residents to recycle easily and conveniently, keeping their environment clean and green, with the collection and recycling process diverting waste from South Africa’s landfills.

“Our community stands to gain from the recycling initiative as a conscious collective, aligning with our commitment to a verdant ecosystem boasting more than 2 000 acres of indigenous parkland with abundant bird and wildlife,” continues Mitchell. “Hence, it is crucial for us to extend this mindful approach to environmental preservation beyond the confines of our immediate surroundings.”

The initiative aims to serve as a model for modern, environmentally sound residential estate recycling solutions.

 “You only have to walk around Steyn City, look at the Nicklaus Design Golf Course, the amenities, and the beautiful design of living spaces to know that the Steyn City Management Association are people with vision,” says Gugu Kofa, Mpact Recycling’s Residential Estates Procurement Representative.

“This vision not only extends to protecting the environment in the estate, but also to benefiting South Africa’s environment as a whole. Our experience and dedicated Residential Estates Recycling Programme has enabled us to partner with them and make sustainable solutions a reality.”

Mpact Recycling invites other residential estates to partner with them in similar initiatives, and to consider the cost-efficient solutions they provide. These solutions enable a residential estate to offer responsible environmental living and be a contributor to a sustainable future.

If you’re part of a residential estate or Homeowners’ Association, sign up for Mpact Recycling’s Residential Estates Recycling Programme:–%20we%20supply%202,most%20suitable%20and%20affordable%20solution