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Strategic partnership supports biodiversity

Excelsior Wind Energy Facility has a firm commitment to industry-leading biodiversity and environmental management programmes. As part of this, they have partnered with  the Overberg Renosterveld Conservation Trust (ORCT) for the joint objectives of conservation and protection of the rare flora of the area, including the important and critically endangered species it supports.

Nande Notyalwa

“Our partnership with ORCT forms part of the various initiatives we support under our environmental stewardship banner, a key focus area of our overarching sustainability strategy,” said Libby Hirshon, BTE Renewables’ Sustainability Director.

While linked to biodiversity and overall environment management, BTE Renewables’ Excelsior Wind Energy Facility has committed funding to the ORCT that has an added socio-economic development benefit, through skills development support. The support, in the form of funding a three-year internship programme, was identified as a need by the ORCT.

The internship has been provided to a graduate conservation student, seeking on-the-ground experience, recognising that in general, finding practical experience that they can rely on to launch themselves into the conservation field is a challenge for many Conservation graduates. As with other fields, conservation graduates seek work opportunities in South Africa, but because of a lack of actual experience, they struggle to find a job.

“We believe that funding the ORCT internship serves multiple purposes from an impact perspective as it has provided a promising student this opportunity, feeding into our commitment to youth and livelihoods development. But importantly, it also links to our environmental stewardship commitment as it facilitates ORCT to operate more effectively and also educate and host school children and other visitors to the Haarwegskloof Renosterveld Reserve, amongst other important research, marketing and monitoring activities. We are incredibly proud that through this initiative, we are able to support both socially and environmentally positive objectives,” concluded Hirshon.

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