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The best walk-behind roller just got better

One of the South Africa’s largest suppliers of compaction machines, ELB Equipment has released a redesigned model of the ever popular and versatile walk-behind roller, the Ammann ARW 65.

The updated Ammann ARW 65 provides two-in-one capabilities that make it the perfect fit for every construction company. The dual amplitude machines are favourites due to their ability to switch from high-amplitude settings for soils and aggregates, to lower amplitudes for asphalt and bituminous materials.

“While maintaining its core functions, with optimum compaction power and climbing ability, the redesign on the Ammann ARW 65 includes further improvements on the ergonomics including an improved handle with soft controls and an automatic parking brake which prevents the machine from rolling away.” says Keon Kardolus, ELB Equipment earth moving and construction sales manager.

“Additionally, there’s the height-adjustable guide handle which optimises operating comfort for operators of any height. The machine now also has a maximum reversing speed that has been reduced to 2.5 km/h (1.6 mph) which enables controlled working in reverse mode.”

He adds that the machine’s vibratory system allows for maximum compaction on various applications such as earthworks and asphalt, construction and repair of sidewalks, cycle paths, sports grounds, agricultural and forest access roads. The Ammann ARW 65’s compact design means that it can also be used in confined spaces while still offering maximum productivity. 

Benefits of the improved design can further be categorised under productivity and serviceability. The machine is fully hydraulic which enables precise speed adjustment. It also allows for good side clearance enabling precise working next to walls and kerbs as well as an integrated sprinkler system which prevents asphalt from caking on the drums.”

In addition to ELB Equipment’s comprehensive aftermarket service to all its clients across South Africa, the Ammann ARW 65’s has simplified maintenance requirements for daily maintenance and does not require special tools. The machine can be driven without wear parts – the fully hydraulic drive system works without a high-maintenance centrifugal clutch and V belt.

Fact Box:

Carefully considered improvements

  • A new water level indicator that is more visible
  • Expanded display
  • The water sprinkling system on/off switch has also been repositioned within easy reach during operation
  • Bumpers that extend beyond the machine frame for extra protection have been added
  • Enhanced ruggedness
  • Improvements on the safety switch ensuring the machine switches off immediately when necessary (dead man’s switch)
  • Design ensures that components are discreetly housed to avoid damage
  • LED lights and outlets are available as optional extras for a telematics control unit (TCU) – the hardware is essential to tools such as Ammann ServiceLink.

ELB Equipment, Keon Kardolus, Tel: (011) 306 0700, Email: , Web: 

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