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The chlorine-saving substitute for pool filter sand

A direct substitute for ordinary pool-filter sand or outdated glass filter media that is far more cost-effective for pool maintenance is available from Pratley.

Clinobrite is an all-natural Zeolite filter medium from Pratley

Clinobrite is an all-natural Zeolite filter medium that can remove 40% to 50% more physical dirt.

Unlike ordinary filter sand, Clinobrite grains have a rough surface to attract and entrap extremely fine dirt particles and algae onto their surface, and not just between the grains like ordinary sand or glass. An added benefit is that Clinobrite is even able to entrap minuscule diarrhoea-causing cryptosporidium cysts, a major health problem in global municipal water supply.

Pratley Marketing Director Eldon Kruger

Clinobrite also scavenges unwanted ammonia from swimming pool water, which subsequently reduces the pool’s chlorine demand. This translates into a direct cost-saving,” explains Pratley Marketing Director Eldon Kruger.

Ammonia and nitrates in pool water react rapidly with pool chlorine to form highly undesirable and odour-causing Chloramines. Known as monochloramine and dichloramine, these can result in lung issues, itching skin and red, burning eyes.

By removing the ammonia from the water, these harmful chloramines are effectively eliminated, and the chlorine is more effective and free to do its intended job of sanitising your pool water. “Also, because Clinobrite is lighter than ordinary sand, it lifts better during backwash cycles, which means that backwashes are much shorter in duration, thereby also saving precious water and saving even more cost,” adds Eldon.

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Unsaturated Clinobrite never stops working. It absorbs ammonia from your pool water on a 24 hour basis. Consequently over time the Clinobrite will become saturated with ammonia and needs to be regenerated using a very simple salt solution procedure. It is recommended that you regenerate every six months to a year in order keep Clinobrite’s ammonia removal capability optimal.

For normal swimming pool use, Clinobrite only needs to be replaced every three years or more. The average-sized pool filter tank uses the same quantity of Clinobrite as it would ordinary bags of sand, translating into 2 x 25 kg bags of Clinobrite (if using a two-bag filter tank). Finally, you can save yet more costs by recycling your old Ammonia-saturated Clinobrite and using it as a slow-release fertiliser on your lawn!

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