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The digital transformation approach for mining, metals, and minerals

Meet Charl Marais,  Advanced Applications Business Development Manager, Schneider Electric, South Africa.

Charl Marais, B.Eng. Computer Engineering, TUKS – Charl has had 6 years in Oil & Gas Terminal Automation including Fuel Accounting Systems and the integration thereof with control and safely systems as well as ERP.

He has been with Schneider Electric South Africa (originally Citect) for 9 years designing and implementing MES Solutions for the first 6 years.  The last 3 years focusing on the consultative selling off the broader non-automation portfolios of Aveva (Schneider Software), including MES, Predictive Maintenance, simulation, Value Chain Optimisation and Unified Operations Centres.


 “Digital transformation is a hot topic right now in many industries. MMM specifically, as one of the sectors located at or below the middle of the digital transformation curve, is ideally positioned for rapid growth. We found that many customers start the process, without understanding why or knowing where they want to end up. I aim to explain the process adopted by Schneider Electric to guide our customers to place the appropriate amount of emphasis on people, process and then technology to achieve the desired return through a more focused approach to digital transformation”