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Defy Appliances CEO, Mustafa Soylu, calls for collective action in choosing and developing eco-friendly innovations

Bloomberg Green puts South Africa as 12th in the world when it comes to the emission of greenhouse gases, with 65% of the country’s emissions being attributed to electricity and heat. With South Africa’s emissions having increased by 10.4% between 2000 and 2017, the need for energy efficiency in the country is ever more urgent which is why it’s important that South Africans consider the impact that the population’s energy usage has on the local environment.

This is the opinion of Chief Executive Officer of Defy Appliances, Mustafa Soylu, who extends the call for energy efficiency to both the public and private sectors as well as civil society. As he comments: “We urge the South African business community in particular, to invest in the future of our country and the world at large, by joining Defy in its mission to contribute towards energy-efficient practices, processes and products.”

As a ‘future market,’ the African continent is set to become an increasingly central part of the global economy. This progression is illustrated by the European Union’s efforts to strengthen its ties with the continent to promote the trade of sustainable and clean energy. Initiatives like the Africa-Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Employment aim to unlock Africa’s potential for rapid progress toward a green and circular economy, including sustainable energy and smart cities.

Given these developments, it is Soylu’s opinion that the role of South African businesses in the product design and development sectors is of vital importance. In his role as CEO, Soylu has, for example, placed a key business development focus on the brand’s Solar Hybrid cooling solutions, which uses a combination of electricity and solar energy to save money and reduce electricity consumption.

In a socioeconomic context in which the country is facing several headwinds relating to its unstable energy supply, environmentally sound product solutions are the only viable way forward. In South Africa, only 90% of the population has access to the electricity grid, and it is estimated that more than 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa will lack access to electricity by 2030. Therefore, investing in energy-efficient technology has a dual advantage for the planet and for its people. Soylu encourages brands to join Defy in championing eco-friendly innovations and climate-friendly products.

Extending his appeal to South African consumers, Soylu encourages a more “conscious” approach to buying decisions: “With each purchase we make, we contribute, or detract, from the global objective to reduce carbon emissions. South Africans need to come to an acute understanding that their collective buying power has the ability to drive change and their actions over the next few years will play a crucial role in the planet’s future.”

Defy’s Hybrid solution represents one key way in which the brand is powering South African homes in ways that are energy efficient and affordable. “Having daytime stable energy, powered by the sun, will reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint of coal-supplied electricity.”

As Soylu concludes: “Our Hybrid innovation will hopefully be a gamechanger and meet people’s expectations in the regions that have problems accessing sustainable energy. Going forward, we are committed to furthering the agenda towards cleaner, more accessible energy in South Africa and we believe that in taking up the mantle of this important cause, we can continue to raise awareness around important issues like climate change and environmental perseveration. Governments, businesses and society at large all have a part to play.”

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