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The future of water in South Africa’s agriculture sector

As early as 2012 the World Economic Forum (WEF) warned that water security was one of the most significant risks to the planet and its people.

Water concerns in one form or another have ranked among the top five risks of the WEF Global Risks Report ever since. In South Africa, the release of the 2019 National Water and Sanitation Master Plan by the national government has informed much-needed amendments to our existing water laws and provides the framework within which all stakeholders can work together towards a water-secure future for the country. But what is the impact in your region and on you as a water user?

Using case studies, current thinking and trends, our speakers, James Brand from ENS and Shelly Fuller from WWF-SA, will focus on the water context of the Western Cape as well as on understanding water legislation, availability, rights, allocations and licensing issues.

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