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The Water Africa show updated conference agenda

Nov 308:30Conference pass

The dawn of the digital water utility


  • The digital water opportunity for utilities
  • ICT as a building block for convergent communication
  • Data science advances and analysis sensors: amplifying the impact of data analytics
  • Using data science for water abundance
Dr. Peter Prevos

Dr. Peter Prevos,Manager Of Data Science,Coliban WaterNov 309:00Conference pass

Panel: Behind the big business of water


  • Learnings from outside the water sector
  • Venture financing and promise for water smart solutions
  • A focus on small-scale private operators and startups – a common place for developing countries
  • Opening the markets for water treatment & distribution solutions
  • Long-term gains and wins for staying in the water business
Yvonne Nkatha

Yvonne Nkatha,Co Founder,Gambino bottling limited

Dorcas Onyango

Dorcas Onyango,Director – Partnership Management,Coca-Cola Africa

Wangui Kagera

Wangui Kagera,Co Founder,Gambino bottling limited

Alex Money

Alex Money,Programme Director,Oxford UniversityNov 310:00Conference pass

Building resilience through water: How smart cities navigate a changing climate and uncertain future

KeynotesFor the first time in the history of the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report, the top five risks in terms of likelihood all relate to water. Building the knowledge, skills and tools suited to meeting these complex challenges is essential to enabling cities to anticipate, plan for and thrive under water-related shocks and stresses. Besides, the world becomes increasingly interconnected and technology dependent. Being smart is the future of urbanism.Smart cities bring together efficient and reliable infrastructure, services and technology to enhance the quality of urban life, create economic opportunities for residents and enhance their interactions with the urban environment. Whether through regenerative water services, leveraging technological innovations, the reuse of treated wastewater, advancing water sensitive design strategies and planning for uncertainty by creating green infrastructure, water smart cities must become the new standard to ensure long term urban water resilience.

Katrin Bruebach

Katrin Bruebach,Director – Urban Water And Sanitation Solutions,Global Resilient Cities NetworkNov 310:30Conference pass

Panel: East Africa Country Spotlight


Desta (Yoseph) Wodebo

Desta (Yoseph) Wodebo,Hydrologist,Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation

Belis Matabire

Belis Matabire,WASH Coordinator,World Vision

Wangui Kagera

Wangui Kagera,Co Founder,Gambino bottling limited

Yvonne Nkatha

Yvonne Nkatha,Co Founder,Gambino bottling limitedNov 310:30Conference pass

Panel: Industrial water treatment – perspective on water sustainability versus profitability in mining


Alex Kuvarega

Moderator:Alex Kuvarega,Senior Lecturer,University of South Africa (UNISA)

Kirshen Naidoo

Kirshen Naidoo,Market Segment Leader – Industrial Water,Royal HaskoningDHVNov 310:30Conference pass

Panel: Precision Water Management: An Information and Technology Based Agriculture


Mbali Mahlayeye

Mbali Mahlayeye,Remote Sensing Scientist,Department of Water Affairs

Thomas Murphy

Thomas Murphy,CEO,Water Life Systems Inc.Nov 311:30Conference pass

Establishing bankability for utilities while scaling-up on blended finance


Ziyanda Mpakama

Ziyanda Mpakama,Programme Manager,Stockholm International Water InstituteNov 311:30Conference pass

Options for improving water use efficiency and water productivity under increasing water scarcity in South Africa


Samkelisiwe Hlophe-Ginindza

Samkelisiwe Hlophe-Ginindza,Assistant Research Manager,Water Research CommissionNov 311:30Conference pass

Towards a collaborative model: an efficient solution to address the water infrastructure needs of communities and the mining sector in Limpopo


Wayne Jansen

Wayne Jansen,Industry Lead – Energy, Utilities and Resources,PwCNov 312:00Conference pass

Panel: Water meets money: perfecting procurement and creating effective risk management


Alex Mcnamara

Alex Mcnamara,Programme Manager – Climate And Water,National Business Initiative (NBI)

Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson,Head Of Strategic Initiatives,Climate Fund Managers

Mpho Mokwele

Mpho Mokwele,Principal Investment Officer,Development Bank of Southern Africa

Benson Ajisegiri

Benson Ajisegiri,Head Of Water Reform And Public Private Partnership,Nigerian Water Supply Association C/O Department of Water Supply and Quality Control and Federal Ministry of Water Resources

Johann Lubbe

Johann Lubbe,Product Development Specialist, Product Innovation,Development Bank of Southern AfricaNov 312:00Conference pass

Panel: Facing the future: interrelation between water quality and food production


Mmaphefo Thwala

Moderator:Mmaphefo Thwala,Water Project Manager,N.B.I.

Annie Estelle Ambani

Annie Estelle Ambani,Environmental Scientist, Data Analyst, And Research Consultant,University of Johannesburg

Thomas Murphy

Thomas Murphy,CEO,Water Life Systems Inc.Nov 312:00Conference pass

Panel: Mine water: a catalyst for integrated environmental and social development


Dionne Kerr

Dionne Kerr,Executive Director,Siyakha

Simone Liefferink

Simone Liefferink,Environmental Coordinator,Sibanye StillwaterNov 313:00Conference pass

Fuelling finance and investment for sustainability in water growth


Philip Oyamo

Philip Oyamo,Senior Project Manager,Water and Sanitation For The Urban Poor WsupNov 313:00Conference pass

Intelligent Monitoring of Water Systems in the Mining industry


Andre Laubscher

Andre Laubscher,Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Specialist,Sibanye StillwaterNov 313:00Conference pass

The blue revolution: intersectoral alignment between agriculture, energy-use and environment


Olusola Ololade

Olusola Ololade,Lecturer,University of Free StateNov 313:30Conference pass

Keynote Panel: Regulation and policy: Driving forward collaborative development and innovation


  • Water, the economy and big picture drivers: Why the one needs the other
  • Policy that enables technology acceleration
  • The proactive vs reactive approach – reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Carving a regulatory and reform plan to protect against water waste
  • How are utilities collaborating and co-creating innovation models for a sustainable future
  • How governments are driving policy and regulatory change to implement infrastructure backlogs
Justin Friedman

Moderator:Justin Friedman,Advisor,Biomimicry

Jørgen Erik Larsen

Jørgen Erik Larsen,Counsellor Water Environment, Energy, Research And Innovation,Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Anthony Turton

Anthony Turton,Professor,University of Free State

Benoit Le Roy

Benoit Le Roy,Co-Founder,The South African Water Chamber

Rose Alabaster

Rose Alabaster,Director – Programme Development,WEHDI

Gisela Kaiser

Gisela Kaiser,Director – Sustainable Water Management,Water Globe ConsultantsNov 314:30Conference pass

Rethinking desalination: Desalination 2.0 on your doorstep


  • What will desalination look like in the African context?
  • How far away are we from implementing game-changing applications and technology?
  • Creating an economy of scale that will make it significantly more commercially viable
  • Controlling brine waste discharge as demand for desal increases
  • The future of desal markets despite increasing water stress and drought
Ms Gigi Karmous-Edwards

Ms Gigi Karmous-Edwards,President,Water Sector at Karmous-Edwards Digital ConsultingNov 315:00Conference pass

Panel: A big BIG project: Rejuvenating dilapidated water infrastructure


Kenneth Chense

Kenneth Chense,Managing Director,Luapula Water and Sewerage Company Limited

Bertus Bierman

Bertus Bierman,Chief Executive Officer,Lebalelo Water User Association

Ian Cooke

Ian Cooke,Director,SD Venture AdvisorsNov 315:00Conference pass

Panel: Global Smart Cities: Africa’s rapid urbanization


Itumeleng Mmutloane

Itumeleng Mmutloane,Chief Engineer,Ekurhuleni Municipality

Thomas Murphy

Thomas Murphy,CEO,Water Life Systems Inc.Nov 315:00Conference pass

Panel: Southern African Country Spotlight


Krasposy Kanganga Kujinga

Krasposy Kanganga Kujinga,Programmes Coordinator,Waternet

David Stephenson

David Stephenson,Emeritus Professor Of Water Engineering,stephenson & associates

Musa Shongwe

Musa Shongwe,Quality Assurance Manager,Swaziland Water ServicesNov 316:00Conference pass

A circular industry: Diversified water resources for leading industrial end-users


  • How are leading end-users approaching wastewater reuse and recycling
  • Getting buy-in from stakeholders
  • New models, new finance methods – developing a water wise approach to business
  • The benefits of cloud-based asset management for water re-use
  • Emerging innovations for alternative water supply
Mr Muminu Badmus

Mr Muminu Badmus,Group Managing Director And Chief Executive Officer,Lagos Water CorporationNov 316:00Conference pass

Leveraging existing infrastructure: an integrated approach to achieving sustainability


Benoit Le Roy

Benoit Le Roy,Co-Founder,The South African Water ChamberNov 316:00Conference pass

Water 2030: Innovation, opportunities, priorities and the future


  • Leadership and coalitions – combating scarcity
  • Successful regulatory drivers – supporting innovation
  • Navigating the digitisation road
  • The changing utility and water supply business model
  • Where to from here?
William Muhairwe

William Muhairwe,Managing Director,National Water and Sewerage CorpNov 316:30Conference pass

Panel: Scaling-up on affordable desalination


Sandile Ngcobo

Moderator:Sandile Ngcobo,Bulk Operations Manager,Magalies Water

Bernard Mutsago

Bernard Mutsago,Health Technical Manager,World Vision South Africa

Alex Kuvarega

Alex Kuvarega,Senior Lecturer,University of South Africa (UNISA)

Kevin Meier

Kevin Meier,Planning Services Manager,Umgeni WaterNov 316:30Conference pass

Panel: Tackling multi-level governance gaps to shape the future of urban water management


Thabo Mndaweni Motaung

Thabo Mndaweni Motaung,Acting Deputy Director Diversity And Change Management,Gauteng Office of the PremierNov 316:30Conference pass

Panel: Water Wars: an uncertain future with population growth and climate change


Shamiso Kumbirai

Shamiso Kumbirai,Sdg Investments Officer,Global Water Partnership

Thomas Murphy

Thomas Murphy,CEO,Water Life Systems Inc.

Patience Nhari Mukuyu

Patience Nhari Mukuyu,Researcher – Transboundary Water Management,International Water Management Institute

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