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Tornado hits home for Wonderbag

On the 3rd of June 2024, a devastating tornado tore through Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, leaving a trail of destruction and heartbreak. Over two thousand people have been displaced, and the damage to major infrastructure such as roads and schools is extensive. Tongaat also being home to Wonderbag’s factory, meant the impact of the natural disaster was felt directly by this ‘global’ business whose staff members from the area lost their homes and personal belongings in a matter of seconds.

“As of yesterday, the death toll has risen to 11. Sadly 10 of our dedicated staff members lost their homes in a matter of seconds as the tornado struck. Visiting the devastated area, it was as if 10,000 bulldozers had torn through, destroying everything in their path. Not only for the sake of our affected staff members – but for all those in the community, our community, we need to do what we can to uplift those who have suffered loss. The Wonderbag can at least provide some comfort by ensuring hot meals for those affected. Wonderbag is also supporting rebuilding houses and providing food to cook nutrious meals for affected people and families. The donations that we receive will go toward people in the area that have lost everything. Our mission has always been deeply humanitarian, inclusive, and apolitical, focusing on feeding people, preserving dignity, and championing global freedom of choice,” said Collins.

In response to this tragedy, Sarah Collins, Founder of Wonderbag, is urging all South Africans to join hands in support of relief efforts for the Tongaat community, which includes donating towards subsidised Wonderbags that will be given to people in need. The Wonderbag, inspired by age-old heat retention cooking methods, allows a pot to continue cooking without any additional fuel sources for up to 8 hours once it has been brought to the boil and placed inside the bag. This simple yet powerful design offers a lifeline, providing a reliable and sustainable cooking solution during power outages, reducing electricity usage, and minimizing one’s carbon footprint.

Standing in solidarity with Wonderbag are ZA Fest and Kamers Market who will be promoting Wonderbag’s donation appeal through their platforms.

“We need your help to rebuild this shattered community of over 2 000 homes. If you are able to support, please help your fellow South Africans by visiting the Wonderbag website and go to the ‘donate’ page to pledge your support,” encouraged Collins.

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