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Treverton College student one of five matrics chosen to go to Antarctica to learn about conservation and sustainable practices

Congratulations to Treverton College Grade 11 student Kai Broom, who has been chosen to go to Antarctica with Riaan Manser this December. Matrics in Antarctica went around SA to find five Matrics to join renowned explorer Rian Manser in the coldest, driest and harshest of continents, Antarctica. After receiving hundreds of applicants, a stringent process ended with five students being chosen for this life-changing adventure. Candidates were encouraged to display courage, perseverance, a champion attitude, and the ability to tackle obstacles with enthusiasm.  Out of the five candidates chosen, Kai is the only student from Kwa-Zulu Natal. Two candidates are from Gauteng and two are from the Western Cape.

“Treverton has exposed me to multiple disciplines, instilled a love of the environment and outdoor pursuits and has taught me how to persevere” says Kai. “Without this grounding, I would never have been able to take on this incredible adventure.”

Matrics in Antarctica website says “You may be asking why a trip to Antarctica? The simple answer is that this great frozen landmass is vital to the ecosystem. Not only does it deflect some of the sun’s rays from Earth, but it is also home to a number of species of sea life. Antarctica is directly affected by global warming, and in turn, the melting of these sheets of ice is causing sea levels to rise. This is a problem that many adults today will not have to contend with – which is why it is so important to educate our young people about conservation and sustainable practices”.

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