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Turnkey demolition services for industrial and mining facilities

Jet Demolition has undertaken large-scale heavy industrial demolition work cross-border for the past 20 years

“Safety is of paramount importance on all our sites. It is not limited to mining sites.”

Kate Bester, Contracts Manager, Jet Demolition
Jet Demolition Contracts Manager Kate Bester

Jet Demolition offers specialised demolition services to large industrial and mining facilities. These range from selected brownfield demolition of redundant plant and structures to turnkey demolition and rehabilitation services at end-of life. “Furthermore, we offer demolition costing services, assisting large multinational mining clients to determine their demolition liability provisions as part of their eventual closure planning and preparation,” highlights Contracts Manager Kate Bester.

In terms of the specific requirements that mines generally have for demolition work or ancillary services, Bester explains that large industrial and mining clients extend their own working standards and safe-working procedures to all contractors that work on their premises. These requirements vary from site to site, but ultimately serve to work toward achieving the best possible safety profile for their projects.

In most cases it is critical that the contractor and client align their approach to the works as closely as possible so that all relevant risks are addressed and mitigated as best as possible. This calls for knowledgeable and experienced client personnel to be part of the direct site management team, which is then able to offer direct guidance and support on the ground.

“Jet Demolition has extensive experience in large heavy industrial demolition services,” notes Bester. It has adapted and adopted the best approaches deployed on a variety of sites across most industries and throughout Africa and abroad. This exposure to different sites, conditions, and requirements allows the demolition specialist to offer alternative and bespoke solutions to clients that may not have undertaken largescale demolition works previously.

Further, there are integrated services that can be offered by the demolition contractor that had already been planned for by a second, or even third, contractor. By being equipped and able to offer supplementary services such as localised rehabilitation or hydroseeding, the client often benefits from an accelerated programme and reduced cost of works.

Jet Demolition’s fleet of demolition excavators is differentiated from conventional earthmoving equipment by being adapted to carry specialised demolition tools. These tools are specifically suited to their intended purpose and improve both production and safety. By having access to a variety of fit-for-purpose tools and equipment, projects can be undertaken with minimal interface between workers and risk.

All Jet Demolition projects are managed by a full-time on-site site management team generally comprised of senior site management and safety management personnel. “The most common and significant challenge we experience on demolition projects on mining properties is the unlawful ingress to site by members of the public,” adds Bester.

In most instances, this ingress is due to criminal intent, which not only poses the risk of financial loss to the client, but more significantly introduces an increased and heightened safety risk. In these cases, it is imperative that an integrated working approach is adopted in which the client liaises with local communities and embarks on education and awareness drives, supplemented by an adequate security presence.

“It is critical to ensure that sites can be managed safely, and this includes being able to prevent ingress to site by persons who are not aware of the risks associated with a large-scale demolition project,” stresses Bester. “Safety is of paramount importance on all our sites. It is not limited to mining sites. There is no difference in how we would approach and prepare for a site, whether it is on a commercial or mining property.”

What is different is the documentation of the safety processes, procedures, and protocols.  Large mining clients have the advantage of having well-documented safety processes, procedures, and standards that all contractors must comply with to ensure a harmonious and suitably managed site.

“These procedures are often closely aligned to our own, making it straightforward to either adapt to, or adopt, specific working procedures,” says Bester. Mining clients must comply with the Mine Health and Safety Act, whereas large commercial clients, for instance, operate in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Although different in their approach, the fundamental principles underpinning both Acts are identical in preventing harm.

Jet Demolition is currently undertaking various demolition projects on mining properties. Most of these projects focus heavily on local participation, whereby the main contractor assists smaller and emerging contractors to undertake specific works packages to acquire knowledge in a safe and controlled environment. “We have undertaken large-scale heavy industrial demolition work cross-border for the past 20 years, and look forward to continue doing so in future,” concludes Bester.