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Two small decisions that can make a huge positive impact on the environment and your pocket

Why recycling is important

Industries that embrace circular economies can positively impact the environment through recycling initiatives. This is especially important for manufacturers that produce vehicle, standby and renewable energy (solar and wind) batteries that contain between sixty and eighty percent lead and plastic4 that can be reclaimed and reused, and the harmful chemicals can be neutralised, so they don’t end up in landfills.

“Most South African cars, taxis, trucks, and motorcycles have lead-acid batteries to power up their engines and other electrical systems. These batteries are truly the unsung heroes of many industries as they keep wheels turning, industries productive, get families to work and school, and the best part ­­–– they are almost fully recyclable,” said Murray Long, Managing Director of First National Battery, a leading energy solutions provider.

More than 90% of the materials used to manufacture lead-acid batteries are recycled and valuable materials are recovered and reused to manufacture new battery casings. “When we recycle lead-acid batteries, we reduce the cost of manufacturing new batteries, reduce pollution, and reduce the need for destructive mining operations,” Murray added.

Keeping lead-acid batteries out of landfills5

Murray explains how his organisation actively collects old lead-acid batteries to recycle at their world-class recycling facility. This allows them to reduce the number of batteries in landfills, that can be devasting to the environment and dangerous. Even when defunct and discarded, some batteries can be flammable and difficult to extinguish. “Other toxic materials used in the manufacture of batteries, should never end up in landfills and find their way into the water system. As battery solutions providers we take this responsibility more seriously than any other in Africa and the world,” Murray added.

Renewable power solutions

Manufacturers are also committed to providing innovative renewable energy solutions that are green and environmentally friendly.

Solar power is an excellent solution for businesses and homes where grid power is unstable. They provide reliable power, reduce electrical bills, and decrease their carbon footprint, assisting businesses to meet their sustainability goals.

And best of all, solar power is always available. “Solar power is an investment, provided you install a solution with a higher cycle life and low discharge rate,” Murray added. “Get your needs assessed and make sure you get advice from a trusted and credible provider.”

Solar power solutions also provide consistent electricity and of all renewable energy sources, solar is the fastest-growing, which is understandable given how many days of the year South Africa and Africa enjoys long sunny days.5 There’s a local range of solar power solutions trusted to keep homes, businesses, and industries switched on. And they’re recyclable. A win-win situation for all who want to look after the environment and their hard-earned cash.