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Versatile roller gets an upgrade

South Africa’s best-loved walk behind roller has received significant upgrades that stretch its versatility far beyond the ordinary and extends its effectiveness to more types of job sites.

With multiple settings for standard compaction of substructures on construction sites or more specialised roads settings, the Ammann ARW65 takes the place of several different types of rollers where its range of vibratory frequencies allow it to punch well above its weight in certain applications, while its manoeuvrability, controllability and advanced safety features make it an excellent option in tight quarters.

Craig Sheppard of ELB Equipment, local distributors of Ammann equipment, says the Ammann ARW65’s versatility isn’t the only reason it is a top seller throughout the entire southern African region, it is also due to its durability and reliability in extreme conditions. Whereas other types of vibratory rollers have complex drive systems and other mechanisms, the trustworthy green and yellow machine has a fully hydraulic drive with no need for high maintenance centrifugal clutch and V-belts.

The hydrostatic drive also provides improved traction and gradeability with individual drive motors in both drums for smooth topping and starting which is essential in asphalt applications. With the weight adjustable vibratory system set between the two drums the machine is perfectly balanced and settable with two frequency and two centrifugal forces and compaction of up to 30cm on sand and 20cm on soil. These combine to give the machine the most possible versatility and useability on the widest range of work sites.

Other highlights of the new champion Ammann ARW65 walk-behind roller include:

  • Large anti-corrosion 60 litre water tank
  • Hydraulic cooling system
  • Isolated guide handle with height setting
  • Central lifting points for secure transport and loading
  • Easily accessible maintenance points
  • Operating weight of just over 700kg
  • 650mm drum width
  • Efficient design with no snag points
  • Easy to set hydrostatic drive and vibration system
  • Choice of either Yanmar or Hatz diesel engines
  • Standard off-site monitoring with Ammann Service-Link monitoring software
  • Legendary reliability
  • Vibrant new colour scheme

“Ammann have made the most versatile walk-behind roller even better and focussed on some of the small things that make a big difference to easier and safer operation on site. Its difficult to think that such a well-loved machine can be improved, yet Amman has done a fine job of updating it to suit local requirements,” says Craig.