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Versofy SOLAR’s journey from power to empowerment

Since 2021, Versofy SOLAR has installed over 50,000 solar panels in 4,000 homes across South Africa, generating over 35 million kWh annually. But Versofy’s mission is about so much more than providing a sustainable, clean and reliable alternative energy source. Co-Founder and CEO of Versofy SOLAR, Ross Mains-Sheard says the company is equally committed to being part of a powerful movement for change and transformation.

As South Africa continues to battle one of its most pressing challenges in the form of persistent load shedding, Versofy has stepped up to provide tailor-made solar systems to suit individual family sizes, usage needs, and home structures.

Beyond addressing energy needs, Versofy is passionate about tackling the hardships faced by many South African children who live without basic electricity. “That’s why we’ve chosen to support a specific cause and one particular NGO to make a tangible difference in the lives of around 80 children in Johannesburg’s inner city,” explains Mains-Sheard.

Safe Study, located in Victoria Yards, Bez Valley, Johannesburg, provides a secure and nurturing after-school environment for children who lack basic home comforts. The centre offers academic support, cultural enrichment, and a variety of activities, including creative writing, chess, music groups, art, dance, drama, pottery, and gardening. Despite their passion, the Safe Study team have struggled with load shedding, often up to five hours a day, which hindered their ability to fulfil their commitment to the children in their care.

Seeing the need, Versofy quickly stepped in to help by donating and installing a solar system at Safe Study to ensure continuous power for lights, Wi-Fi, and cooking warm meals for the children. “We are grateful to have the opportunity to uphold our commitment to making a difference in as many lives as possible. Safe Study plays an enormously important role in the community it serves, and we are delighted that they can continue their great work in offering learners and teachers a safe and well-resourced environment,” says Mains-Sheard.

Nicola Valentine, one of the founders of Safe Study says, “Versofy has literally saved our life. Providing our children with a space to learn and grow is made possible by this amazing system. Having a constant source of power at the centre is helping us to shape the children’s lives and provide them with better access to more resources.”

Looking ahead, Versofy plans to assist one charity each month, with Princess Alice Adoption Home in Westcliff identified as the next beneficiary. Princess Alice is a temporary place of safety which provides 24-hour residential care to babies who have been consented for adoption, abandoned, or temporarily removed from family care. The home is also a safe haven for pregnant girls who are destitute or in crisis.

Versofy is providing a platform for South Africans to reduce their dependency on the national grid, while also supporting various social causes. “Every choice for Versofy SOLAR contributes to a larger mission of societal improvement. We’re looking forward to doing so much more in this space and finding ways for our valued customers to contribute directly to causes close to their hearts,” says Mains-Sheard.