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Hydraulic Engineering
Water Resources Management
Flood Defence

Be sure to join this event to gain knowledge from the highly knowledgeable Presenter, Dr Giovanni Cecconi, on how this system is being implemented in Venice, Italy and could be of benefit to water projects here in South Africa

Venice has been protected by storm surges since October 2020 by a unique system of four mobile barriers for the temporary closure of the lagoon inlets. The system is the technological excellence of an organic system based on hydro-morphological and ecological restoration of the lagoon and the littoral by the reuse of dredged sediments. The water resources of  Veneto Region discharging to the lagoon have been improved in terms of water quality and water quantity controlling and treating non-point pollution with prevention and delta bio-depuration management. The new electro-mechanical device, Mose, offers great opportunities also for delivering environmental improvements (e.g. by the modular operation of the barriers) and is a  great example of an integrated approach based on bottom-up interactions for nature-based solutions. The key role of knowledge management and Private Public involvement in decision-making will also be addressed.

The Presenter for this webinar :  Dr Giovanni Cecconi

Dr Giovanni is the Director of the Venice Resilience Lab, a discovery-based partner for the management of ecosystem services based on improving soil and water availability. Benefitting from a 30 year experience at Consorzio Venezia Nuova as the Director of the study, design and operation of the Venice storm-surge barriers, he is now promoting sustainable solutions for coastal cities in times of climate change, aiming at the conservation and cultivation of
socio-ecological resources.  

He is also an experienced hydro-morphologist, with skills in sediment management for improving soil/water-quantity/quality by learning and building with nature integrated solutions for navigation, fishing, aquaculture, ecotourism, conservation of local cultural identities from the impacts of migrations and climate change. Among other activities, he is now experimenting with Anticipatory System Techniques to sense together with the futures.

The Venice Experience of Learning and Building with Nature

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