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Wild Coast Sun guests mark World Environment Day

Nature walk and waterwise Spekboom plants handed out

In the pristine surroundings of Sun International’s Wild Coast Sun, it is easy to take the natural surroundings for granted.

To mark World Environment Day on June 5, guests and staff were invited on a 3km guided walk along the beach to the Mzamba river mouth and Petrified Forest, which took place on Saturday, 04 June 2022. 

It turned out to be an exciting walk as the big group of 22 guests saw rare shark teeth fossils and beautiful examples of tightly coiled ammonites and shells that are 80-million-year-old on the reef.

Wild Coast Sun guests at the Mzamba River Mouth, the start of the Petrified Forest tour, with tour guide Benny Mbotho (third from right) ahead of World Environment Day. Alora Bekker, guest second from the right)

One of the guests, Alora Bekker, took special note of the fossil window display in the hotel’s foyer and went on search for these specific items while on the tour. She then made a series of collage photos of what she saw on the beach compared to what is on display. 

World Environment Day raises awareness around the importance of caring for environments all over the planet and is celebrated annually. “The theme for 2022 is ‘Only One Earth’ and with this engagement we hope that we reminded guests to think twice about their own impact on planet earth,” said Wild Coast Sun General Manager Peter Tshidi.

Tour guide Benny Mbotho with Onke Mhlongo and Mawethu Yiva posing with an ammonite and giant clam fossil

400 Waterwise Spekboom plants (Portulacaria afra) were handed out to hotel guests and staff as souvenirs on Friday, 03 June 2022.

In reference to a quote by Rocky Dawuni, a Reggae and Afrobeat singer, song writer and producer from Ghana – “Let us all remember that change does not only happen from the top down. Change also happens from the bottom up. Change happens within us.” – the team at Wild Coast Sun wanted to give people something to take home with them to think about and start implementing a change within and for themselves.

“That is why we selected the Spekboom plant that is indigenous to the Eastern Cape province and water wise, which is good for our environment,” said Tshidi.

“We encourage our staff and guests to be conscious of our environment 365 days a year so that our children and our children’s children have a beautiful plant to live on.”

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