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WSP in Africa spearheads major strategic highway projects in Gauteng

WSP in Africa, a leading global multidisciplinary professional firm, is actively involved in several major strategic highway projects across the Gauteng province. The firm continues to forge strong relationships with key stakeholders, including renowned developers in Gauteng, to execute large-scale provincial road projects strategically aimed at unlocking the potential for socio-economic growth and development in the region.

WSP has proven to be a dependable partner for the Gauteng Department of Roads & Transport. “We’ve managed to build a resilient relationship with the Department, leveraging our proven track record and expert consulting services to contribute to Gauteng’s infrastructure development,” says Sameshan Naidoo, Principal Associate, Transport & Infrastructure, WSP in Africa.

A prominent aspect of WSP’s strategy involves working closely with the province and developers to actualise these projects. WSP’s agile approach ensures smooth operations despite fluctuating local government structures. The firm also provides consistent oversight throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring all infrastructure are built according to current best practice design, complemented with construction quality control and quality assurance.

WSP’s engagement with the Gauteng Provincial Road projects and the various developers working on these projects demonstrates the firm’s commitment to the local drive for Township Informal and Housing Developments (TIH). These projects not only create strategic links between previously inaccessible areas but also generate jobs, benefiting socially sensitive and previously disadvantaged communities such as Diepsloot, Sharpeville, and Alexandra.

To enhance transparency and efficiency, WSP uses cloud-based BIM-enabled software, enabling all stakeholders to monitor the project progress in real-time. “Our approach allows developers, contractors, and clients to stay informed about all on-site activities without physically being there, enabled by fully digital construction management environment,” Naidoo explains.

Significantly, these projects are not just about road construction; they are about community building, social welfare and economic growth. Through these infrastructural developments, WSP is contributing to the creation of new communities, providing access to road networks, and fostering economic opportunities. “Everything we do locally adheres to our international best practice standards, particularly regarding sustainability and decarbonisation. This is central to our work,” says Naidoo.

The Gauteng Major Strategic Highways Projects currently underway include:

  • K46 William Nicol project in partnership with a major Gauteng based developer, is presently in construction.
  • K56 & Erling Road project, a greenfield project run in conjunction two major developers that is planned to commence construction in Q3 2023.
  • K174 – Riverwalk Interchange in Vanderbijlpark, where WSP is working closely the Gauteng Province, which is expected to conclude by March 2024.
  • K73 – Allandale upgrade aims to unlock numerous development opportunities and is expected to be completed by October 2023.
  • First phase of the K155 Linksfield project is anticipated to start construction later this year.
  • D483 Rehabilitation project which includes the upgrade of the road to Cullinan, is due for completion in July 2023.

As WSP continues its work on these transformative projects, it reinforces its commitment to playing a critical role in developing the Gauteng region’s infrastructure and enhancing the lives of the local communities.

“Additionally, we are focused on attracting, developing and retaining talented engineering, project delivery and construction management staff. We do this by providing relevant construction experience for young engineers to obtain their professional registrations and also attract talent by working on major road projects such as these,” adds Naidoo.

WSP in Africa is hiring! To find out more about available opportunities, check out the Careers page on our website or look out for updates on our LinkedIn page, @WSPinAfrica.