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Maximising off-grid energy in SA: Eaton introduces xStorage home.

xStorage homes to maximise off-grid energy in South Africa. Power management company Eaton has introduced xStorage Home to the South African market. The single unit energy storage system is designed to give households peace of mind, by maximising solar PV self-consumption and keeping power on during load-shedding incidents.

xStorage Home lets households store energy produced during the day to use in the morning, at noon and at night, reducing their CO2 footprint. The system also allows users to harvest energy in off-peak low-tariff windows, reducing their dependence on the grid and insulating them from the effects of load-shedding.

“xStorage Home provides new solutions for the South African self-consumption market, encouraging the increased adoption of renewable energy and making it possible for homeowners to reduce their dependency on the national grid,”

says Jaco du Plooy, power quality and xStorage Home product manager at Eaton.

“The product is now available in South Africa through our network of trained and qualified installers, who can advise homeowners about the best way to manage their off-grid power needs,” Du Plooy added.

Designed by Eaton and incorporating new or second-use lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicle leader, Nissan, the xStorage Home system combines Eaton power quality, technology, and electronics, and is simple to install, set up, and use. It’s easy to expand too, making it a viable solution for high-end residential and light commercial buildings.

xStorage Home has four intelligent operating modes, giving users the power to choose whether they want to maximise self-generated solar power or choose when to charge from the grid based on variable pricing tariffs. The xStorage Home app makes it possible for users to see and manage their energy consumption easily, from wherever they are.

The system meets the highest electrical safety standards, with each unit requiring no more than one square metre of floor space.

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