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Xylem SA helps develop youth into tomorrow’s leaders

Xylem South Africa, a subsidiary of Xylem LLC, supports our country’s youth and invests continually in their education. As Youth Day is celebrated across South Africa, we must also recognise the immense skills and education gaps that remain and keep many ambitious young people from realising their potential.

As a corporate citizen and driven by the vision that everyone deserves a stable life with opportunity, Xylem SA invests in youth development through its participation in the South African Government’s YES programme.

The Strategy and Marketing Manager for Xylem Africa, Chetan Mistry, explained that Africa has plenty of enthusiastic youth who want to make a change and find solutions for everyday problems. Mistry added that Xylem wants to make the world a better place by making reliable and clean water for everyone. 

“We work with very passionate and skilled people across Africa all the time, and there is no question that Africa will become a global leader if we can scale and expand that excellence.”  

Mistry added that Xylem wants to make the world a better place by making reliable and clean water for everyone.

Support SA Youth Employment programme

Xylem SA supports the South African Government’s YES (Youth Employment Service) programme. Xylem has been providing leadership to local people for several years. It joined YES in 2019 to expand opportunities to new professionals in the market who are looking to improve their experience and networking opportunities. Xylem SA enrolled 15 trainees from YES in 2019 and more trainees in other programmes, totalling 28 trainees spread across different departments and projects.

The programmes are categorised in order to be able to give opportunities at different levels: learners (P1/P2 workplace experience to get their qualifications), Interns (National Diploma or Bachelor’s degree with no experience), and Graduates (either a qualification and some work experience or Honours Level with no workplace experience). Graduates and learners are also given the opportunity to apply for full-time positions at Xylem or go on to enter the workforce with much-needed experience under their belts.

As we celebrate Youth Day in South Africa, we can feel proud of the gains already made. But much more can be done. Xylem South Africa is committed to being part of the solution.

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